Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

Napoleonic trumpeter,1/16

Hello Guys!

I thought about a new blog because I found the domain to be not suitable.My historical interest is drifting to the medieval and Napoleonic time,so I hope you dont mind ww2miniatures;-)

I'm sculpting this piece right now,and it takes me a LOOOTTTT of patience and discipline.But I think until now its worth it.

head looks quite big on the pics but it isnt this extreme in reality.

the whole sculpt is done in Aves Apoxie sculpt until now.
Head is a modified alpine one.

now,on to the sabre,sabretache,arms,swallow's nest blablabla;-)

I'm wodering why I did not gave up ^^

If any guys of you have tips for the busby plume,tresses etc. I would be very grateful



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